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/* $MirOS: contrib/code/jupp/charmap.h,v 1.4 2010/01/03 18:22:04 tg Exp $ */
 *    Character sets
 *    Copyright
 *          (C) 2004 Joseph H. Allen
 *    This file is part of JOE (Joe's Own Editor)

#ifndef _Icharmap
#define _Icharmap 1

#include "config.h"
#include "utf8.h"
#include "types.h"

/* For sorted from_map entries */

00019 struct pair {
      int first;              /* Unicode */
      int last;               /* Byte */

/* A character set */

00026 struct charmap {
      struct charmap *next;         /* Linked list of loaded character maps */
      unsigned char *name;          /* Name of this one */

      int type;               /* 0=byte, 1=UTF-8 */

      /* Character predicate functions */

      int (*is_punct)(struct charmap *map,int c);
      int (*is_print)(struct charmap *map,int c);
      int (*is_space)(struct charmap *map,int c);
      int (*is_alpha_)(struct charmap *map,int c);
      int (*is_alnum_)(struct charmap *map,int c);

      /* Character conversion functions */

      int (*to_lower)(struct charmap *map,int c);
      int (*to_upper)(struct charmap *map,int c);
      int (*to_uni)(struct charmap *map,int c);
      int (*from_uni)(struct charmap *map,int c);

      /* Information for byte-oriented character sets */

      const int *to_map;            /* Convert byte to unicode */

      unsigned char lower_map[256]; /* Convert to lower case */
      unsigned char upper_map[256];

      struct pair from_map[256 + 2];      /* Convert from unicode to byte */

      int from_size;                /* No. paris in from_map */

      unsigned char print_map[32];  /* Bit map of printable characters */
      unsigned char alpha__map[32]; /* Bit map of alphabetic characters and _ */
      unsigned char alnum__map[32]; /* Bit map of alphanumeric characters and _ */

/* Predicates */

#define joe_ispunct(map,c) ((map)->is_punct((map),(c)))
#define joe_isprint(map,c) ((map)->is_print((map),(c)))
#define joe_isspace(map,c) ((map)->is_space((map),(c)))
#define joe_isalpha_(map,c) ((map)->is_alpha_((map),(c)))
#define joe_isalnum_(map,c) ((map)->is_alnum_((map),(c)))
int joe_isblank PARAMS((struct charmap *map,int c));
int joe_isspace_eof PARAMS((struct charmap *map,int c));

/* Conversion functions */

#define joe_tolower(map,c) ((map)->to_lower((map),(c)))
#define joe_toupper(map,c) ((map)->to_upper((map),(c)))
#define joe_to_uni(map,c) ((map)->to_uni((map),(c)))
#define joe_from_uni(map,c) ((map)->from_uni((map),(c)))
unsigned char *lowerize PARAMS((unsigned char *s));

/* Find (load if necessary) a character set */
struct charmap *find_charmap PARAMS((const unsigned char *name));

/* Get available encodings */
unsigned char **get_encodings PARAMS((void));

int to_uni PARAMS((struct charmap *cset, int c));
int from_uni PARAMS((struct charmap *cset, int c));


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